Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Week of 02/18/2008 - Monastery

My training summery for the week of 02/18/2008 was:

Planned Time = 13:18 hrs
Actual Time = 12:23 hrs
Calories Burned = 9,526 kj
Swim = 8800 yd = 5 miles
Bike = 74 mi
Run = 41.48 mi

This was the third week of a build cycle. It was tough getting in all of the scheduled workouts this week and I ended up not biking on Sunday which is why my actual hours are less than planned. This was also a very big run week for me. I ended up running everyday except for Wednesday.
My legs were pretty sore come Sunday evening.

Some workout highlights for the week included;

  • Running in the pouring rain.
  • Running up a huge hill in the dark that had an elevation gain of 150ft and 15-20% grades, I don't think even cars can make it up the hill.
  • Spending a very early morning on a bike trainer talking about kids and marriage with other triathletes while sweating my butt off.
  • Running during a snow storm.
  • Running in 12.2 miles Massachusetts not knowing the roads and suffering hardcore on the hills.
  • Getting up the very next morning and running another 6miles only 12hrs latter while watching the sun rise and the birds chirp.
The Good

This weekend I spent the weekend with Megan and we went to St. Mary's Monastery where she is Benedictine oblate. I didn't really know what to expect but figured it couldn't hurt to check out a new place and learn more about the Catholic Faith. We stayed in a guest house which had separate wings for males and females. There was a common kitchen, dinning, and recreational/reading room which we spent most of the time in. We went to a few services which included; Compline at 8pm, Mass at 10am, Terse at the end of mass, and Sext at 12:15pm. I really liked Compline and Mass was pretty cool also except the incence really started to get to me. The services did have the readings and some prayers in English but most of them were sung in Gregorian chant in Latin with the nuns and monks alternating verses. It sounded really cool and made the mass seem totally more spiritual than an all English mass like at the Cathedral in Portland. I had a really nice time and it was very peaceful there. The monks and sisters were very nice and hospitalble. I would definitely like to visit again.

St. Mary's Monastery
271 North Main St.
Petersham, MA 01366

Photo's taken from website.


Mary Mother of God church, Petersham

The monastic community of St. Mary's Monastery with Abbot Hugh of Pluscarden

The Bad

A few tough days of training really took it's toll on me. Some very sore and tired legs, back, and arms.

Time management is the key to this sport.

The Ugly

Not much really ugly happened other than missing a bunch of meals and still training. Doing this usually isn't a good thing to do.

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