Thursday, March 06, 2008

Week of 02/25/2008

My training summery for the week of 02/25/2008 was:

Planned Time = 7:06 hrs
Actual Time = 8:59 hrs
Calories Burned = 6,316 kj
Swim = 5450 yd = 3.1 miles
Bike = 55.43 mi
Run = 17.47 mi
XC-Ski = 16 mi

This was a rest week for me with one day totally off.
The planned time was a lot less this week than the previous weeks which felt weird but nice.

The Good

Finally getting a day off from training but felt horrible that day. Go figure.
Had a few good runs during the week. My running is becoming to be second nature now.
Spent a day XC-Skiing at Pineland by myself enjoying the peaceful and beautiful setting.
Went to John Cox's Birthday bash with Megan at Mac's Grill in Auburn. I had a salmon fillet and got to see some friends that I haven't seen in a while. I also got to meet John's family for the first time. The cupcake frosting was just plain crazy.

The Bad

Went to my osteopath doctor and he totally hurt me bad. He couldn't get one of my vertebra back into alignment and had to forcefully put it back in place. I was in some serious pain for a few days.
During my Saturday bike trainer workout I got a bad bloody nose right during a hard interval. I got blood all over my cycling jersey, bike and myself. It kind of disrupted my workout and had to finish the workout with gauze stuck up my nose. It made it pretty difficult to breath and concentrate.

The Ugly

Work is getting pretty stressful with a huge project going out to bid next week. The stress is starting to get to me but I'm really trying to keep a positive outlook at things and trying to stay motivated and enthusiastic at work. Wish me luck. Next week is going to be rough.

I'm also kind of late publishing this weeks post but I'm really trying to keep up with it.

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