Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is spring ever going to come?

So today we are supposed to get another big snow storm. I just don't know about this weird weather we are having. In December we had beautiful sunny skies with warm temperatures when we were supposed to be getting snow and cold. Now that its the second week of April and everyone is expecting the tulips to be blooming, the tree buds showing face and the sun actually warming up the land but instead we are seeing snow storm after snow storm with cold crappy temperatures. I took this picture from last weeks storm and i'm sure todays will be the same. I just don't think spring will ever come even though I truly want it to arrive. I am really sick of winter and snow.

So today's high is only supposed to be 40 degrees. I looked up the high for last year and it was 62 degrees. Just not fair. Oh well. Hopefully spring and summer will come soon. We all need it.
Here is a link to the expected snowfall totals. Looks like it will be another big one with plenty of snow to shovel and plow.


cbossie said...

I agree, I am pretty sick and tired of the cold weather. I want to go running, but below 50 degrees and my asthma tends to act up. I had been running for nearly a month at this time last year!

Zimri said...

Well said.