Sunday, May 28, 2006


So I figure I would give an update to how things are going.
A couple of days ago I got on my trainer for the first time since the accident. I felt horrible. I had a major headache and my shoulder hurt a lot. My legs were very flat and it took all I had to just put in an easy spin for 45min.
Then on Friday I tried again to ride the trainer after work. I felt a lot better and was able to ride for an hour and went a little harder than the day before.
Saturday I felt pretty good. My legs felt good so I rode for 1.5 hrs. I did a couple of hard efforts and was able to hang on to the handle bars. The first day I rode I wasn't able to hang on to the bars at all. It was very difficult to ride with one hand. At least now I can hold on with two hands but I'm still unable to really use my right arm yet.
The past couple of days it has been really nice out. The sun is shining and the temps have been well into the 80's and I've been stuck riding inside on a trainer. How much does that suck? Today it's supposed to even warmer and on Monday it's supposed to hit 90. All I know is it's going to be very hot in my apartment while I ride on the trainer and look out the window at the nice weather. Hopefully I will be able to go outside soon.

Here is a photo of my current setup which I will be spending my time for the next few weeks. I don't have much space in my apartment so I've had to put my trainer right up against a wall. It works for now but I really want to ride outside. Maybe I'll put the trainer outside in the parking lot so that I can get some sun. It's so depressing to ride inside when it's so nice out.

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