Thursday, April 03, 2008

Week of 03/10/2008

My training summery for the week of 03/10/2008 was:

Planned Time = 12:00 hrs
Actual Time = 12:11 hrs
Calories Burned = 9,163 kj
Swim = 8,850 yd = 5.03 miles
Bike = 111.21 mi
Run = 25.03 mi

The Good

Didn't have to many good workouts this week. Saturday's and Sunday's went pretty well but other than that the rest of them sucked.

I also went to Palm Sunday service and it was really neat. We started off in the chapel and got our palms blessed by the bishop. Then we proceeded to the sanctuary to continue with the mass. After service Megan and I went back to her house to celebrate her Mom's birthday. We had a wonderful meal prepared by Megan and I made my family secrete chocolate sauce to be laid over frozen yogurt and topped with strawberries. It was really cool to be able to celebrate this day with Megan's family and I had a lot of fun. I also got to cut off most of her brothers hair. He had hair so long it almost touched his chin on all sides. I brought out the clippers and cut it down to 1". Now that was fun. Kind of made a mess of though. I got hair everywhere. See below for some of the photo's from the day.

Megan, Beth (Birthday Girl) , and Rick at the Birthday party

Now that is my kind of Birthday cake

Went to the beach for a walk with my honey, Megan.

Eric before the haircut Megan and I gave him


The Bad

The beginning of this week was also very stressful at work. We had a project going out to bid and I had to put in a few long days. It did finally go out and it felt good to get that off my desk but guess what there are some major design changes happening and they aren't good. I hate going out to bid early especially before we get all of the approvals from the town.

Sunday's XC-Ski race up Mt. Washington really took it's toll on me. It affected a lot of this weeks workouts. I was still very fatigued and sore for most of the week. Because of this I had a lot of bad workouts were I suffered physically and mentally. I was getting frustrated that I didn't feel well and was getting emotionally down. I had migraines, bloody noses, major gi/intestinal issues during my runs. Had very slow swim workouts also. Wednesday's bike workout I couldn't even do the prescribed workout. I just couldn't get my watts up and my HR was low. I was just having a tough time. I was getting frustrated also.

The Ugly

I had some really bad workouts like I mentioned above and got really down on myself. The only thing that kept me going was Megan. She lifted my spirits every time I saw her and really made me feel better. Without here I wouldn't know what I would do. I love her so much.

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